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allthingsmisty replied to your post: “I remember that Pokemon*com used to have a Q&A section and that after Misty left someone wrote in about her leaving and the answer was SUPER shippy”:
Yes, omg I remember that! I just love picturing all these grown people who worked for the dub having discussions about Ash and Misty. It’s so hilarious how they all ship it! XD

One time I was talking with a friend and we were trying to imagine what sort of conversations they had when they wrote the songs.

"But boss, we already have a whole song about Ash and Misty nearly kissing under the mistletoe in this Christmas CD—"
"I don’t care, put a romantic reference in this other song as well."

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Doesn’t even have enough time to hang out in L.A. with me, let alone run two blogs! :P haha hahah! (By the way! We better go to a panel together at AX or I’ll cry!)

You liar, I’ve hung out with you before! XD (And yes, we absolutely must!)

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OMG you can’t imagine how GODD I can understand you here… ;__; ♥

Awww, that is so sweet! Thank you!! .////. ♥

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WTF so that’s the reason why I haven’t seen anything from playfulmist these days. ;__; AWW. I’m sorry you’re that in stress.

Oh, no worries! I’m sorry to worry you. ;__; It’s not really stressful at all! Just that there’s not enough time and wish there could be more hours in a day. XD

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Anonymous sent: Howcome you abandoned your playfulmist account on tumblr yet kept this one active? Are you busy in real life? If so I'm surprised you kept this one up or didn't let someone else take over.

I’ve gotten really, really busy in real life sadly. Despite being crazy busy, I still love running this blog and don’t want to give up on it. I feel really bad I haven’t been very active. I keep forgetting to set up a queue on here. I could have someone else take over, although I’m pretty attached to this blog. It’s kind of selfish of me to say that, but I feel like this blog is a way for me to keep up with the fandom and contribute at least a little bit.

I apologize for not posting as much lately. I have been working on a few goodies (shhhhh) for my followers here, but haven’t gotten much free time yet.

Just want to say thank you to all my followers for being really awesome and patient! 

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Anonymous sent: So since the Misty lure did not appear in XY do you think the writers don't want to bring it up anymore? We haven't seen it since 2007 which is nearly 8 years ago. Did it bother you Ash referenced Dawn's Piplup but when he saw Corsola he didn't mention Misty's? While Ash didn't say Dawn's name he commented he traveled with a Piplup. Ash never mentions Misty despite seeing all her old pokemon in the wild or with different trainers. What are your thoughts?

The XY anime is still pretty new (25 episodes so far) so it’s pretty early to assume that. Nah, not at all!

I guess I’m still pretty content Misty was referenced much more than expected in BW. Let’s Hold Hands pretty much confirms that everyone stays in touch somehow. I’ve had suspicions Ash and all his previous companions contact each other every so often (especially when someone’s visiting the current crew).

I’m not expecting anything big for Misty. It’d be a nice bonus, but if not, no biggie. Again, I’m really happy with all the references she got for BW especially with the Radio Show. It just proves that she isn’t forgotten and her fanbase is as strong as ever despite her character leaving all those years ago. I ain’t complaining. :)

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Anonymous sent: What's your honest opinion on Ash & Serena? :)

It’s not my cup of tea. However, I can see why it appeals to others. Childhood romances can be cute! I just say ship whatever you want as long as you’re not ruining the fun for everyone. (Not at you anon, but in general.) ;)

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Headcanon: Misty would wake up during the night and find May in tears watching the night sky, thinking of Jirachi. At first reaction, Misty would try to comfort May but end up in tears herself. They just sit, cry together, and make hot chocolate afterward. Both perfectly understand what it’s like to lose a child and there’s no words that can describe that feeling. Both end up feeling a lot better and no longer feel one should suffer alone. They really end up bonding this way.

Err… I thought Max was the one who bonded with Jirachi? May had Manaphy, right? *goes to rewatch DVD’s*

Yes, you’re absolutely right! Sorry, I wrote this past midnight. XD

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Headcanon: Misty would wake up during the night and find May in tears watching the night sky, thinking of Manaphy. At first reaction, Misty would try to comfort May but end up in tears herself. They just sit, cry together, and make hot chocolate afterward. Both perfectly understand what it’s like to lose a child and there’s no words that can describe that feeling. Both end up feeling a lot better and no longer feel one should suffer alone. They really end up bonding this way.

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This is perfection. Thank you.

You’re welcome! ^^

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Anonymous sent: If Misty stayed for AG instead of Brock (but May was still brought into the show and was the same as we know her), do you think Misty would have been handled better or worse than in Johto? I think she would have just winded up on the sidelines like Brock, because the writers would be too focused on May's contests that she wouldn't get much to do outside of fillers. I'm sure she would have tried at least one Contest, but much like Ash/Brock the writers would have kept her out of them otherwise.

Aw, why so pessimistic, anon?

I like to think she would have been handled better. AG was pretty much when the writers decided to suddenly get their shit together. Since Brock wouldn’t be around, it seems pretty likely she’s want to be in charge of cooking (since she’s done it before; she counts her mystery stew as experience and she’s the oldest). At the beginning of the series, she’d be horrible and get everyone sick (and ends up calling Brock for advice every so often). By mid/late AG, she’d improve and be somewhat decent. Sure, it’s not anywhere near to Brock, Cilan, or Clemont’s level but she’d at least get better. Since she enjoys desserts the most, she’d be better making them. May offers to help and they bond (especially with shopping).

I’d really like to think that Misty would spend time adjusting to Togetic leaving for a few episodes afterward. Like, she’d be more upset/quick-tempered than usual and everyone would team up to give her moral support and make her dessert. The thought of that just melts my heart. ;_;

I bet the writers would have loved to have an episode with Misty and Surskit. Would she be freaked out or would she love it?

Let’s not lie: she’d fangirl Wallace so hard it makes a certain someone a little sour. Misty would also be a shipper on board with Contestshipping. She’d be the first one to notice their interactions. I like to think Misty and May would have a talk after she saves Drew from drowning. She’d also be quick to point out Harley’s tactics along with Drew.

I think Misty would be pretty decent at contests, especially the battling aspect. I could really see Politoed, Corsola, or Luvdisc doing well appeals-wise. In the end, she’d say she enjoyed it but battling’s more of her thing.

Plus, Misty would definitely get Mudkip. ‘Cause everyone lieks them.

I think she’d be more involved with the Team Agua aspect, but even so, the anime failed really hard with both teams. Let’s just forget about that finale.

Misty would have been really supportive to May in the Manaphy movie. Maybe a little jealous at beginning, but then she’d be 100% understanding. She knows exactly what it’s like to lose her baby and is happy to give May moral support afterward. May and Max really look up to Misty as their big sister after those events.

Speaking of Max, when he rashed out not wanting Ash to get Norman’s badge, Misty would be the one to comfort him. She’s share her experience when she first battled Ash and thought it wasn’t fair for Ash to get the Cerulean badge. She tells him it’s perfectly okay to feel upset when losing, but it’s those loses that help you grow into a better person.

Is it obvious I could really see Misty having an awesome friendship with everyone?

Goal-wise, since Hoenn has lots of water there would plenty of trainers to battle. She’d be training for the Whirl Cup and be in a few mini competitions every so often. Of course, everything wouldn’t be perfect. I kinda want to say the writers would bring back her meet up with Sakura (she was traveling in the region), Marina, and Trinity ever so often but I highly doubt it. However, that’d be the icing on the cake.

So basically, I think better. Way better.

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purrrl sent: I was wondering when the last time misty debuted/ was acknowledged on the show? thanks you're blog is the best :)

there were flashbacks of Misty in Best Wishes (last season, we’re currently in XY; not counting AG & DP) 3 times (5 if you count the Radio Show and Pokemon: The Origins):

So yeah, we got more mentions of her than we had ever expected. Here’s hoping XY gives us some juicy mentions. ;)

And thank you so much for the sweet comment!

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Nah, it’s just a kid! Oh, and a pokemon! Oh, you okay?”

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